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Our Services

We provide services to both dogs and cats.

These services include appointments with comprehensive examinations by our veterinarian, as well as vaccinations, and most importantly an education on the vaccinations you choose to give your pet.

We provide surgical services including spay and neuters as well as C- Section,Pyometra, Declaw and Dewclaw removal, Lumpectomy (lump removal), Ear Hematoma, Cystotomy (bladder surgery), Enterotomy (intestinal surgery), Eye Enucleation (removal of a damaged eye),Entropion and many other soft tissue surgeries including but not limited to laceration repair.

We also provide Dentistry services ranging from regular prophylaxis (cleaning) to extractions of teeth when necessary. Our dentistry machine is state-of-the- art with LED technology and our training is completely up-to-date to ensure your pet leaves our clinic happy and healthy.

We will treat aural hematomas, gastrointestinal upset, ear and eye infections as well as work with you, the client, on chronic disease treatment which may include diet restrictions, medication and TLC.

Our diagnostics lab allows us to perform urinalysis and fecal checks for urinary infections and potential worm infestations on site allowing for quick results and faster treatment. We will send out all our blood tests to a professional laboratory for precise results and more accurate diagnoses.

Our X-Ray machine is a brand new and is the newest digital X-Ray technology which allows for fewer retakes of x-rays due to clearer and sharper images, which ultimately reduces the cost to you.

We also provide heartworm and flea preventative medicine and in-house heartworm tests so you can book an appointment to have the test done and walk out of the appointment with your preventative medicine.

Our food selection includes regular lifestage pet food ranging from puppy and kitten to mature cat and dog food with guaranteed balanced nutrition intended for the average pet that does not require specialty food. We also have a wide selection of specialty foods designed to aid in treatment of specific diseases and would be happy to explain exactly how this food will help your pet live a longer and happier life.

We also provide daytime & nightime boarding services!

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